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A Digital Duplicator is ideal for Schools & Churchs

Streamline print production with digital duplicators

Digital duplicators from Integra Business Systems in Rockford, IL give your office access to an in-house, full-color production system. Digital duplicators are a great way to mass produce documents for a fraction of the cost of traditional printing.

Benefits to implementing a digital press

High-speed color inkjet printers

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Reduces environmental impact by utilizing non-toxic dry inks

  • Vibrant, high-definition images, and consistent throughout entire production

  • Allows high-quality in-house production of collateral, direct marketing, and photos

  • Benchmark productivity by automating operator tasks for an increased uptime

Printers from RISO combine high-speed printing with advanced features that will increase your productivity with a low cost to run and maintain. Your business demands tools it can rely on, so trust Integra Business Systems to find the tools for you.

Discover what RISO's reliable and ultra-fast printers can do for your business

Learn more about the many tools we have for your office by calling today.


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