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Optimize your office

and increase the output of your mailroom

Make sure your business can keep up

with the speed that the industry demands

Mailing equipment from Integra Business Systems in Rockford, IL allows you to increase the output of your mailroom by optimizing it for efficiency. By creating a more efficient mailroom in your business, you can provide materials to clients and customers with ease.

Folding machines

Postage meters

Folding machines give you the ability to fold mail in mass quantities when sending out mail in high volume. These are perfect for mass distribution of items such as marketing materials or direct mail to customers.

Postage meters give your business the ability to purchase postage remotely and print it directly onto your mail or packages. Never miss a deadline because you ran out of postage again!

Find everything you need to optimize your mailroom.


Tabbing machines

Tabbing machines let you automate the process of applying mail tabs or seals to mail ready to be sent. Tabbing machines help optimize your mailroom so your employees can focus on important tasks at hand.

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